Fore Golfers

Simulated golf. Real fun.

Opened in the fall of 2013, Fore Golfers provides all golfers – from seasoned veterans to newcomers – access to the latest technology in golf simulation. At Fore Golfers, customers can choose from 62 real-life PGA golf courses and, using their own clubs, test their skills on the same courses as Tour professionals.

Fore Golfers' 4,500-square-foot facility features seven climate-controlled simulators on which professional golf courses – from Pebble Beach to St. Andrews – can be played. Spring rain, fall winds or winter snows aren’t an issue at Fore Golfers, where conditions are always playable.

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What Fore Golfers IS NOT:

  • Just a driving range – Feel free to unleash that new driver you got over the summer, but don’t forget the rest of your clubs. You’ll need them as you play some of the most challenging PGA Tour courses without stepping outside of the 419 area code.
  • A video game – Golden Tee? Wii? Please. Fore Golfers is the area’s only full-service indoor golf simulator, a place to spend a few hours playing actual PGA Tour courses with your clubs and your golf balls.
  • A golf dome – This isn’t a sterile bubble teeming with duffers trying to knock the rust off their swings. Fore Golfers is a comfortable place to spend a few hours playing with family and friends in a relaxed, casual environment.


What Fore Golfers IS:

  • The very best in simulator technology – Fore Golfers features seven aboutGolf simulators, which track and calculate real-time golf metrics, such as distance, slice, trajectory and spin.
  • The future of year-round golf – Whether it’s hiding from the January snow or escaping the August heat, Fore Golfers is the place for climate-controlled golf.
  • A golfing destination – Weekend rounds, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate outings, orleagues, Fore Golfers caters to all types of golfers and customers.
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